• Diplomat Navigator Core is now Free to use.
  • Get started with free: Booking, Despatch, caller id popup, Data System and Driver App.
  • You can download the core software install it on your PC and use it absolutely free of charge.
  • Supplied with full street and map database.
  • The first drivers app is free to use read more here it will allow you to track drivers and despatch jobs and communicate with your passengers:
  • We also have many affordable subscription features that you can subscribe to


  • Diplomat Navigator now has an easy to use call centre portal that enables you to switch on and off the many affordable features as you require them.
  • Once you have downloaded Diplomat Navigator core you may wish to enable any number of additional advanced features
  • You can control how many PCs your are logging on at the office / call centre
  • You can adjust the maximum amount of vehicles that log on
  • You can turn on and off features such as virtual PBX and SMS gateway
  • Access the business intelligence portal to run reports and check on company and staff performance


The sophisticated drivers app encompasses the requirements of most taxi businesses. It includes GPS tracking, Job offer and accept,

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The Diplomat product range includes a sophisticated passenger app. This can be provided as a branded solution or a pay as you go solution

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The Webbooker is a very sophisticated booking engine that can be used as a stand alone product or fully integrated with your app

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CGG CabbureauGlobal Gateway

The Cabbureau Global Gateway is a sophisticated message broker that can connect any number of Diplomat navigator and third party booking websites. It enables you to become part of the global business solution

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