The Company


The Diplomat product group started in 1989 with the manufacture of the first Diplomat 2-way radio and associated radio communication hardware.  In 1998 Diplomat introduced software management tools to compliment the hardware products.  Five years later the communications industry is revolutionised by the internet and mobile connected devices and Diplomat was the leader in introducing the first bespoke GPRS connected devices for the Taxi and Private Hire industry.


2012 saw the revolution of mobile phone based operating systems and cloud based computer software services that would revolutionise the affordability of computerised cab office systems.  Diplomat group has been at the forefront of development and is now rolling out cost effective SAS (Software as a service) packages that allow full control of what you are paying for and the selection of online services only when you need them.


We have a number of mobile solutions and a range of Android driver applications that can be downloaded to suit your business needs.  Diplomat has a key focus on the development of our many software solutions and can offer complete software and hardware packages using the PlanetPin hardware range.  The core sales team, financial, administration and training are based in the UK and we now have call centres in other countries including Canada, ROI, France, South Africa, Angola, Swaziland and Nigeria.

In 2015 We launched the worlds first 100% Free to use Call center software. Enabling small family businesses to embrace the technology used by much larger competitors.

In November 2015 we launched our national passenger booking apps and fully responsive online booking websites.