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Thank you for inquiring about the Cabbureau. We are your digital partner, going the extra mile to find you more business.

What we do?

Cabbureau is a Global Taxi, Private hire and ground transport booking referral service.

Our partners and associates manage a variety of online booking websites, passenger apps and call centres and form one of the world’s largest online booking communities.

When the travelling public use these facilities we handle all aspects of the ground transportation organisation by automating the quotation and fulfillment process as far as possible.

Cabbureau has a global 24/7 call center.

Although we aim to handle most inquiries using our automated systems we also handle the more complex inquiries such as group bookings and also out of the way areas where conventional cabs may not be available.

We are also here to anser any technical or account queries from any of our fulfilment operators.

Why are we different?

We have been in the industry long enough to understand that private hire operators have lower than average profit margins. It would be unrealistic for us to ask for a percentage of your fare.

If you are not using one of our free PC programs then we can program your tariff directly into our software. In this way we will know exactly how much you would normally charge to be sure you are paid your going rate.

Our software will then advertise a slightly uplifted price to cover for the administration and any other processing costs (such as credit card charges).

We pay your published price in full.

If the passenger pays in advance then we will forward the full fare according to your tariff.
If the passenger pays cash then we will tell you both your quoted full fare and any extras that you need to collect to cover our processing costs.

At any time you can log into your dashboard to see all of the jobs, the prices and the balance you are owed or owe.

These balances are settled weekly.

To ensure you are entitled to a free copy of Diplomat Navigator software please sign up to the Cabbureau portal by registering for free on the Diplomat site.

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