Price In SAR

Price List SAR

For the Office

Software Only Rental Weekly Cost Setup Charges
Diplomat Navigator Server (requires Windows 8.+) Free to Use Free
Diplomat Navigator Client Licence (first seat) R65.00 R4900.00
Additional Navigator PC Logon Licence R65.00 R500.00
Accounts Module (Driver & Trade Account Invoicing) R65.00 FoC
Driver Statements Module (Driver Statements) R65.00 FoC
Concierge Module (3rd Party Commission Statements) R65.00 FoC
SMS / Web Services Modules (each) R65.00 FoC
PBX Module R65.00 R500.00
Ring Back Module (including calls) R240.00 FoC
24/7 Silver Site Support Contract (optional) R110.00 FoC
For the vehicle Software Rental Weekly Cost Setup Charges
Kuber-9 Driver App on your own device R35.00 R550.00
Free Smartphone + Software + Navigation R35.00 R1400.00
All Mobile data Terminals (see below) R35.00 R550.00

Hardware For The Vehicle

Mobile Data Terminals SAR Cost
Smartphone (With Kuber, Turn by Turn Navigation installed) SAR 1,400.00
Datax-5.1 3G MDT SAR 1,750.00
KM1205 DVR DashTop MDT SAR 3,250.00
CabView Rearview Mirror with Integrated MDT SAR 3,400.00
Mobile Accessories Cost
Herbert Richter Windscreen Mount SAR 250.00
Cigar/Accessory 12V USB Charger SAR 125.00
Wired USB Charger (permanent wiring) SAR 125.00
OTG Trident Cable (for Datax 5.1 Charging & 3G USB Stick) SAR 175.00
Wiring Harness (for Cabview 3G Rearview Mirror) SAR 225.00
USB HD Rearview Camera (for DashTop MDT) SAR 315.00
Wired HD Rearview Camera (for CabView Mirror MDT) SAR 360.00
3G Broadband USB Stick SAR 350.00


Roaming SIMs Weekly Cost Setup Charges
Single Network SIM (24 month contract)
3 Network Roaming SIM SAR 30.00 SAR 275.00

Other Subscription Services

Other Subscription Services Weekly Cost Setup Charges
VoIP phone system including line rental (per extension) SAR 350.00 SAR 1,500.00
Additional extensions SAR 180.00 SAR 1,250.00
Voice recording per phone SAR 30.00 FoC
Additional ported numbers SAR 60.00 SAR 375.00
Automated Offsite Data Backup SAR 50.00 FoC

Unsupported Fixed Price Charges

Your support contract will cover most configuration and training.
There are some situations that are not covered that we will charge for:-

Fixed Price Charges Charges
Virus removal from your machine Not Available
Setup adjacent Plots and Zones for Auto Despatch (per hour) SAR 700.00
Reprogramming of your Router (after replacement or reset) SAR 1,500.00
Setup your own PC to run Diplomat Navigator SAR 3,000.00
Configure your own PC to make a remote connection SAR 1,500.00
Forgotten Password Reset (you have been warned!) SAR 500.00
POI injection from POI database SAR 750.00
General Charges Setup Charge
Travel per km SAR 7.50
Support or Training – Hourly / Daily 500.00/3500.00