Software Support and hardware maintenence:

Many types of support are now available to your organisation:

Your current support plan will be shown on your help page.
Some of the support packages available are as follows.

1. Free non-technical software support through the forums, knowledge base and ticketing system. (Note your tickets are not prioritised).
Plesae login and go to your profile page.
You will see the Live agent support link there.

2. Standard Silver support: (SLA of 4 Working hours Mon-Fri 6am-6pm) Paid annually in advance

3. Standard Gold support (SLA of 6 hours 24/7/365) Paid annually in advance

4. Premium Support (SLA 2 hours) Paid annually in advance

5. All other support is incident based and prioritised according to severity. Note this service is chargeable.
To focus on providing support for both our Enterprise customers and at the same time offering cost effective support for the smaller home office business we offer enhanced remote monitoring and support packages to fit the needs of every organisation.

Remote Monitoring Service
Each installation of Diplomat Navigator will automatically register the PC with our Network Operations centre. (NOC) We will be updated every few minutes on the critical services of your PCs
If the NOC detects anything unusual such as Low disk space, antivirus issues, Low memory, over temperature, etc. then this raises an alarm in real-time and you will be contacted Free of charge during normal working hours and offered assistance by our support technicians.

We highly reccomend this service as it is a very cost effective way to reduce unexpected system downtime.

Pro-Active Remote Real-time Monitor.
In addition to the free NOC agent, this very low cost offering whereby Diplomat Navigator and other installed Software warnings are detected and corrected before there is any disruption to service. If we need to disrupt service in any way, we will contact you to arrange when we can perform the remedial action.

Support Contracts:
Support contracts are based on a per PC / node basis and are charged weekly. Clients with support contracts will be given a unique support contract number to quote when they call or email.

Enterprise Support:
Enterprise software support is offered to sites that are using Diplomat Enterprise.
Software Support Contracts are typicaly 15% and are paid annually

Enterprise Hardware Maintenance is also offered monthly per monitored node (PC or Server)
Plesae contact us for further information.

The Diplomat Support team